Calling All Itchy Dogs!!

Do you have an itchy dog who suffers from environmental allergies? 

If so, your dog may be a candidate to participate in a new study investigating the efficacy of CBD oil on alleviating itch in dogs with atopic dermatitis. 

Perks for your dog: Free physical exams, skin cytology, bloodwork, and the discovery of a potentially effective new treatment to help control their itch

Perks for you: $100 Amazon Gift Card on successful completion of the four weeklong study

To be a potential candidate, your dog must:

Have been previously diagnosed with environmentally allergies (pollen, dust, etc).

Have been through an appropriate elimination diet to rule out a food allergy. If your dog has both food and environmental allergies, the food allergy must be controlled with an appropriate hypoallergenic diet. 

Be somewhat itchy at time of study with room for potential improvement.

What would the study involve?

Administration of a CBD capsule or a placebo to your dog twice daily for 4 weeks. You can give it in food! 

Your dog would receive three physical exams: week 0, week 2, and week 4, as well as other diagnostic testing free of charge. We would perform bloodwork and skin biopsies at weeks 0 and 4. 

Please contact Dr. Melissa Loewinger at Animal Dermatology and Allergy Specialists in Riverdale, NJ and White Plains, NY if you are interested in finding out if your dog is a candidate for the study or if you would like more information.

E-mail:, with subject: CBD Study Inquiry- Attention: Melissa Loewinger

Phone: (973) 831-2383- Riverdale  (914) 750-5812- White Plains