Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Budgin Lecture at the West Milford Township Library


Dr.Rosenberg and Dr. Budgin had a great turnout Wednesday May 23rd at their lecture at the West Milford Township library!   Thank you to Greenwood Lake Animal Hospital for hosting and organizing this great event! Here are some notes and photos from the evening. 

Dr. Budgin and Dr. Rosenberg busted 8 top veterinary myths. Here is a quick summary:
1) Raw and grain free diets are NOT good for your pets.
2) Coconut oil does NOT heal pet dermatological issues.
3) You CANNOT blood test for food or other allergies.
4) Flea and tick preventatives MUST be used year-round.
5) Bathing IS good for your itchy pet once a week with the right shampoo.
6) Online pharmacies are UNRELIABLE sources for purchasing medication. Manufacturers do not sell directly to online pharmacies.
7) Licking paws IS a sign of allergies. (Pets lick their paws because they cannot scratch paws).
8) Steroids used short term are GOOD when appropriately administered by your Veterinarian.